Update 0.2.1

Major changes:

  • new fireflies flying arond the position of the character on the screen of non-active player
  • new option in the menu for the host to choose his color for the first level played
  • players exchange their colors every levels by default
  • return to main menu by typing "escape" (use to restart level)

Minor changes:

  • the "ip adress" field for the client keep in memory the last entered ip adress to save time when restarting a level
  • levels have been improved to fix some "soft lock" problems

Known issues:

  • Sarting the client before the server is active will block the game that will need to be restarted


MaxInThe2CVerse_0_2_1.zip 34 MB
May 14, 2021

Get Max in the 2C-verse (GameJam)


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Nice! I will try soon!

thanks ;)